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Hayagriva Stotram

Sri HayagrIva Jayanthi is an important day for all who worship Sri HayagrIvan as “AaadhAram Sarva VidhyAnAm” (Foundation for all knowledge). Swamy Desikan’s first sthOthram is on Lord HayagrIvA. Sri HayagrIvan presented Himself before Swamy Desikan at Thiruvahindrapuram’s OushadAdri Hill. Sri HayagrIva BhagavAn’s laalAmrutham (nectarine saliva) fell on the tongue of Swamy Desikan and blessed him to become the AchArya Saarvabhouman (Most noble among the AchAryaas). AdiyEn would like to present a set of articles on the most moving personal eulogy of Swamy Desikan revered as “Sri HayagrIva sthOthram”. This sthOthram has powerful manthra siddhi in adiyEn’s experience.


Swamy Desikan has captured the essence of Vedams, Upanishads, Brahma Soothrams and other sacred texts in choosing the words in this sthOthram to eulogize the greatness of Sri HayagrIva BhagavAn and the ancient tattvam that He represents.


AdiyEn will attempt to comment on the deeper meanings behind the selected passages and word groups in the 33 slOkams of Sri HayagrIva shtothram in the subsequent articles and try to conclude this series with His anugraham.


May Sri HayagrIva Bhagavaan bless this meager effort and accept it as a humble samarpaNam at His lotus feet.

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