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Paramartha Stuthi

Thirupputkkuzhi dhivya dEsam is not too far from Kaanchipuram and was the home for great AchArya PurushALs. Today, there is not much of an agrahAram there. It was the home of Thirupputtkkuzhi Thaatha Desikans. Kaliyan has performed MangaLAsaasanam of this dhivya dEsa PerumAL.


Here, Swamy Desikan was overcome by the majesty and beauty of the greatest warrior of them all, SrI Raamachandran and immersed himself in a brilliant eulogy of the Lord. Recalling the heroism and unmatched valor of Vijaya Raaghavan, Swamy Desikan endearingly saluted this Lord as “RaNa Pungavan, Aahava Pungavan and Samara Pungavan” in this sthOthram. There are only 10 slOkams in this sthuthi, but they deal with the the Parama ArTam (viz). EmperumAn, who is the ultimate goal and target (Parama PurushArTam) for all of us. Swamy Desikan composed the majestic SudarsanAshtakam and ShOdasAyudha SthOthram --according to some-- to banish the cold fever that was gripping the people of Thirupputtkkuzhi at one time.


Right in front of the Thirupputtkkuzhi Temple gate is a beautiful pushkariNi known as Grudhra Saras or Kazhuhu Poygai to recall the sthala PurANam according to which Sri Raaghavan and His younger brother performed the last rites for the king of Eagles, JatAyu) at that site. Thiru+ Putt +kuzhi stands for the auspicious bird's pit in which the great hero, JatAyu was placed affectionately by the DasaraTa KumArarkaL as a part of the last rites (Eema KrriyaikaL). The interplay of the bright Sun's rays and the cool green waters of JatAyu PushkariNi is a memorable sight indeed.

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