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Sankalpa suryodayam

This is an allegorical drama in Sanskrit and has Ten acts. It was created by Swamy Desikan as a rejoinder to a play in six acts named PrabOdha ChandrOdhayam by an egotistic advaithin . In His  play , Swami Desikan established that the unfailing power of divine will of Sriman NarayaNan ( Bhagavad Sankalpam) is an absolutely indispensable requirement to gain Moksham ( Freedom from the cycles of unending births and deaths). Swami Desikan instructed us further that the intercession of a SadAchAryan is a vital prerequisite for gaining Moksham. This naatakam teaches us the Tattva_hitha_ PurushArtham along the lines of VisishtAdhvitham and highlights the defects in Para Matams’ interpretation of the Tattva-Hitha- PurushArtham   properly .


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