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udaya shankar bangalore
a great site.magnificeint wrk 19-04-2018 03-00-03pm
Praveena Anand

Namaste dear Sadagopan mama, This is Praveena Anand. I had been following your works. What an amazing kaimkaryam. In spite of me not having any eligibility, my heart felt pallandu pallandu ... Adiyal Praveena 15-04-2018 12-25-00pm
முகுந்தன் நெடுந்தெரு
தாஸஸ்ய விஞ்ஜாபனம். பங்குனி-ஜேஷ்டா நன்னாளில் திருவவதரித்த ஸ்ரீ சடகோபன் மாமா என்றென்றும் எங்களுடன் இருந்து ஆசி 10-04-2018 01-19-48pm
Madhavakkannan Srirangam
Sri Satakopan Swami is a source of inspiration for adiyen. God Bless him long life and strength to continue to guide & bless us for a long time. Prostrations at his feet again and again. Namo narayana. 09-04-2018 06-08-23am
Balaji Hyderabad
Rengarajastavam excellent photo with meaning. 09-04-2018 02-21-53pm
Narasimhan Ananth Bangalore
Respected swamin, The new revamped site looks great! Devareer and your dedicated team has been doing great kainkaryam. Dasan Narasimhan 07-04-2018 10-43-00am
Chakravarthi Muralidharan Swedesboro
United States
adiyen is always flabbergasted by devareer's immersion in Srivaishnava tradition and these wonderful presentation of wonderful sookthis for laymen like adiyen... adiyen prays to divya dampathis to bestow their unlimited benevolence on devareer and family... Acharyan, azhagiya singar thiruvadi 07-04-2018 08-24-32am
Srikanth Chennai
Great news for people who are keen to follow the Vishistadwaitha Siddhantham The Sri Sookthis are presented in English with due care and will benefit numerous youngsters the world over 07-04-2018 05-54-22pm
Dr.N.Ranganathan Toronto
Dear Srīmān (Dr) V. Sadagopan Swami: Delighted to hear of the release of Dévarīr's famous web site all revamped and made user friendly with new added features. I am sure it will be cherished by all devotees in our sampradāyam for a long time. Wish to express our sincere thanks to yourself and your dedicated team. Srīmaté Rāmānujāya Namaha. Āzhwārgal Āchāryārgal Thiruvadigalé śaranam. Ōm namō Nārāyanāya. Best wishes and sincere regards/ adiyén ranganathan 06-04-2018 11-51-00pm
Suganya Anandakichenin New Delhi
New Delhi
Dear Sir, The site is indeed more user-friendly! Best regards, Adiyen Suganya 06-04-2018 10-10-00am