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Oppiliappan Koil Dr. V. Sadagopan Welcome to the web portal!
Some 23 years ago the nascent idea of this website was formed with the intention of introducing the extraordinary works of SrI Vaishnava Acharyas and Azhwars to the reading public at large, both in India and abroad, through the medium of English language in the form of eBooks. That humble effort has now blossomed into a rich and frequently used website housing over 450 eBooks. It is satisfying to know that these books are being actively used by many across the globe. A dedicated team of software professionals of Sri Hayagriva Likhitha Kaimkarya Ghoshti has conceptualized the design of this new website with the singular goal of making the site user friendly – with enhanced search options, seamless navigation, simple clutter-free interface and easy access across mobile as well as traditional platforms. Lovingly nurtured by devoted volunteers from different parts of the world, the team members of Sri Hayagriva Likhita Kaimkarya Ghoshti take pleasure and pride in presenting this newly revamped site for all interested readers to visit and enjoy. For those curious about the evolution of this kaimkaryam from its early days to the present, a brief glimpse of key stages in the transformation of this website over the course of many years is provided separately. To view the same click on the READ MORE link below.
Though much has been accomplished through the Divine Grace of Acharyas, a lot of work that needs to be done remains yet, such as covering additional books bequeathed to us by many of our revered Acharyas.

Sincere Thanks To:
In the year 2017, Sri Bhagavad Ramanuja Millennium Philanthropic Foundation (SBRMF) was created by a few of us, to advance the goals of knowledge-sharing opportunities linked to our ancient and sacred texts. To that end, we would like to acknowledge that Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF), a prominent private foundation that supports a rich set of Social, Educational and Religious/Cultural programs, has extended its welcome financial support to protect, preserve and nourish the traditional sampradaya knowledge roots through SBRMF. GKF provides financial support for ashrams/patashalas, temples and religious/cultural programs and encourages partnerships that preserve the heritage and j~nanam for the global beneficiaries. We are grateful to GKF for their invaluable support and encouragement, for the advancement of learning and preservation of Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam. More information about Guru Krupa Foundation can be found at:

May Lord Sri Hayagrivan bless us with Divine Knowledge and Strength!
May Lord Sri Hayagrivan bless all the volunteers and the users of this site with all auspiciousness!
dAsan, Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan

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